Best Online Casino Apps 2018

There are several ways to play casino on the go and mobile. The most popular method is to use the browser of the mobile phone or tablet. No software is loaded onto the device, but they remain directly in the browser. This has advantages, but can also lead to disadvantages, as the browser is much more unstable than a software or app.

What is an online casino app?

This is software specifically programmed for mobile phones or tablets. This means that it does not work on a normal computer and the appropriate software must be used for your specific operating system. This software is also not freely available but only available at the Apple Store (IOS), Google Play Store (Android) or Windows Store (Windows Mobile). Where was the free internet then? Hmn, they just want to offer all proprietary solutions to bind you, dear readers, more to the respective operating system…

Which casino app should I use?

  • Check which operating system your phone or tablet has
    If you do not want to download an app or software..
  • If you have now chosen either a free app or a real money app, select your casino and app bonus from the list. Most of the time the apps are always free to install and play, if you want to play for real money, you need to top up your account – just like in Desktop Casino.
  • You will be redirected to the appropriate store (Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Store) where you can install your free app on your mobile device.
  • One advantage is certainly that all these apps are always tested for compatibility and functionality on your particular mobile phone or tablet by the operator of the online shop in addition to our tests regarding the seriousness and trustworthiness of the casino itself. This means no viruses or other things that could burden your end device.

The best casino app

In principle, all of our recommended casinos are absolutely trustworthy and the software is fully functional. Please make sure that all your casino games that are available on the desktop version are also available on the app version. It is certainly the most popular slot machines. Especially popular are the 888Casino App, the bwin Casino App (mainly for live sports betting), the stargames Casino App (yes, yes, play Book of Ra on your mobile….), the Euro Casino App, Eurogrand Casino App and last but not least our sunmaker Casino App with the NetEnt online games. The Betsson app won the 2014 Best Sports App award, while LeoVegas won the Best Casino App award, both have NetEnt games.

Does my phone or tablet have Android, IOS or Windows Mobile?

Actually, the website that you reach by clicking on our link should automatically recognize the operating system of your device. You will be redirected to the Apple Store, Google Play Store or Windows Mobile Store to download the app. If not, you can check the brand of your mobile device below and find the corresponding software platform provider and your slot machine app in the matrix.

But don’t worry. If your favorite casino does not offer an app to download, you can simply play the mobile casino in your browser. This can often be an advantage because the app version is slimmed down at some vendors and does not offer absolutely all slot machines.

Especially for Windows Mobile users the app market is unfortunately somewhat limited, because IOS and Android already hold more than 90% market share worldwide, but slightly on the upswing compared to the two other operating systems. However, if the market forecasts of the various institutes are correct, Windows Mobile is still unlikely to reach more than single-digit percentage points. Therefore, it is quite possible that some online casinos only offer the app for Android and IOS.

Are the casino apps free?

With few exceptions, the “Freemium” model does not exist for real casino apps. “Freemium” means – and Farmville freaks will be able to tell you a lot – that you can install a basic version of the app software for free and then pay for it at higher levels, or if you want to use other existing premium features. On Facebook Free Apps, there are also free slot machines that are free to play, but if you lose all of your coins or potatoes, you will have to purchase them again for a fee. The apps we list here are all real money playable, although you can also download a free version to test the application before you deposit. The question is also whether the app casinos are for real money or play money. Many providers, such as Stargames, approach the play money variant, especially to make it easier to be listed in the respective App Stores (see Apple, which causes some problems for real money apps.

And what does the future of casino apps look like?

Unfortunately, we are not the oracle of Delphi. However, the new Html5 standard is actually trend-setting. This means that a website or application can be displayed and used across devices. So actually what we expect from the open Internet. Does anyone actually feel like downloading proprietary apps all the time? We actually want the same product, no matter if we buy an iPhone or an Android phone. It also prevents the development of new games, when every creative developer has to make 3 versions for every app platform and then also for every mobile phone model. Apps certainly have advantages in terms of stability and loading time, but we are advocates of the free market and would prefer open standards.

Where can I find the right Casino App Store for my device?

If you have found the manufacturer of your mobile device in our table or know it anyway, you need to go to the right store for the apps. In our top casino app list, simply click on the link of the casino and you will be taken to a page where you will receive instructions for downloading. If you are looking for a casino other than those we have tested, there are the following App Stores:

  • Google Play for mobile phones and tablets with Abdroid operating system
  • iTunes from Apple for iOS devices
  • Windows Phone Store for all devices running Windows Mobile software

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